KA-BAR Knives: Top of the Range Knives

A good quality knife is an important survival tool for any sport’s hunter, sport’s enthusiast, hiker, camper, forest ranger, soldier, or any other outdoors person who could find themselves in a tough situation. It’s a survival tool that serves many purposes when something goes wrong in a deserted place, like in the forest or wilderness. You can use it for self defense, woodcutting, skinning and trapping, increasing your survival rate.

KA-Bar Knives Above all knife makers, there is perhaps one brand that stands out; KA-BAR Knives. KA-BAR is a US knife manufacturer that was founded in 1898. It is based in Olean, New York.F or over a century now, KA-BAR has been making the most popular and reliable survival knives in the world. They manufacture high-quality hunting, sporting, military and all-purpose utility knives. They are also known globally for their top-notch military products.

Types of KA-BAR knives

KA-BAR manufactures two types of knives; the folding knife and the fixed blade knife. Each has it’s own benefits and just as with any other product, the ideal knife for you will depend on your needs. Which of the two is better is still a hotly debated topic among those who know their knives.

Fixed Blade Knives

Just as the name suggests, a fixed blade knife is a knife where the blade can neither be fixed in one place or moved. Fixed blade knives are stronger and twice as long as folding knives. Since they have no moving parts, they can’t be wiggled loose, making them more durable. Their fixed nature also makes them easier to clean saving you a lot of time and energy spent moving parts like hinges in folding knives. In tactical situations, a fixed blade is more efficient and quicker because it’s blade is already exposed. This is key to survival in dangerous situations and it’s the reason why most fixed blade fans believe it to be superior.

Folding Knife

A folding knife, as the name suggests, has a blade that easily fold into it’s handle. Its smaller and easier to conceal compared to the fixed blade knife. You don’t need a knife sheath or a whole pocket to carry a folding knife comfortably. Most people know the folding knife as a pocket knife. Folding knife fans tout it as the better version because of it’s convenience when moving around with it. The folding knife has a wide range of uses from day to day living to hunting and survival. Most hikers, fishermen, campers, etc use folding knives to cut through branches or measure an outline. The knife also comes in handy during first aid to fashion bandages when you don’t have gauze and need to think on your feet and use something like a piece of cloth.

Examples of some of the best KA-BAR Knives

1. KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife

The KA-BAR USMC is the undisputed king of KA-BAR knives and is considered the best hunting knife you can find out there. If hunting is not your thing, you can use it for a wide range of other purposes. This knife was designed during World War II for the US Marines. Though they had excellent knives for the war, they were largely unreliable for survival and quite expensive to manufacture. The Marines worked with KA-BAR knives, which was then known as Cutley Union Cutlery, Inc, to craft a less expensive survival knife. They wanted a knife that could be used for hand-to-hand combat as well as a field tool. A few simple functions have been added to the original design ever since. Though this knife does not boast of many unique features, it is an excellent knife when it comes to reliability.

Other amazing KA-BAR Knives include;

2. KA-BAR black straight edge knife


4. KA-BAR 1282 D2 Extreme Fighting Knife


And the list goes on and on

In conclusion, there is no doubt that KA-BAR is one of the most reliable, historical and popular knife maker in the world. Investing in a KA-BAR knife is always a smart decision.